Surnatural Mushroom Haiku

from by Vivid Tribe Of Psychics



Created for TriangleTapes Netlabel before is mysterious disparition.


Here we are now
at the middle
of the forth large part
of this talk

more and more
I have the feeling
that we are getting nowhere

as the talk goes on
we are getting nowhere
and that is a pleasure

it is not irritating
to be where one is
it is only irritating
to think one would like to be somewhere else

here we are now
a little bit after the middle
of the forth large part of this talk

more and more
we have the feeling
that I am getting nowhere

as the talk goes on
we have the feeling
we are getting nowhere

that is a pleasure
which will continue
if we are irritated it is not a pleasure

nothing is not a pleasure
if one is irritated
but suddenly
it is a pleasure
and then more and more it is not irritating
and then more and more
and slowly

originally we were nowhere
and now again
we are having the pleasure of being slowly

if anybody is sleepy
let him go to sleep

Mushroom Haiku by John Cage


from JOHN CAGE NEW AGE, track released June 28, 2013
Poem read by John Cage




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Vivid Tribe Of Psychics Montreal, Québec

Vivid Tribe Of Psychics is the "fine fleur" of the necrophile hummingbird netlabel:
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Thx to Lilyluciole for the 1st artwork, to Allen Ginsberg, Ira Cohen, John Cage, Lenore Kandel, Diane Di Prima, Frank O'Hara, Brion Gysin, Genesis Breyer Porridge, Tom Ellard, the Joujouka
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